FEBO opens its doors at Schiphol Plaza

The famous Dutch fast-food brand FEBO has opened its doors at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. The outlet at Schiphol Plaza, opened by travel retailer Avolta, is the brand's first branch at an airport in the Netherlands. 

The new shop, which is replacing Avolta's Pommes Frites store, is located before the security check at the airport. This means that visitors at Schiphol who are not flying can also enjoy the famous Dutch snacks. Orders can be placed at the counter or customers can choose to make use of the iconic FEBO 'snack wall'. The shop is open daily from 10:00 to 22:00. 

Schiphol’s objective is to continuously upgrade our F&B offer by improving it’s quality, diversity and recognisability. The introduction of a strong, local, brand like FEBO contributes to this. We are convinced both travellers and people working at Schiphol will be pleased with this addition to the F&B offer at Schiphol Plaza.


Hans de Groot, Head of Retail, F&B and Commercial Services