Find your way at Schiphol using Google Maps

From now on, passengers can easily find their way around Amsterdam Airport Schiphol using the Google Maps app. In the app, passengers will be able to see exactly where they are at the airport and can request a walking route to a desired airport location.

The detailed map will include the gates and security controls, along with the desks for odd-size baggage and the NEMO Science Museum. For shops and restaurants, not only the route will be displayed but the opening hours, customer reviews and photos as well.

Henk Jan Gerzee, CDO of Royal Schiphol Group: ‘Our goal is to offer passengers convenience via smart digital applications. We're doing so not only through our own channels, but also on platforms that the passengers were already using. This collaboration enables us to reach large numbers of passengers and provide them with a pleasant experience.’

Schiphol app and Apple maps

Since the end of 2017, passengers who have an iPhone (running at least iOS 11) have been able to easily find their way around the airport using Apple's digital map. Maps of the airport are also available at schiphol.nl/en/airport-maps/ and in the Schiphol App.