Higher wages, better rosters and improved rest areas for security staff at Schiphol

Talks between Schiphol, the unions FNV and CNV and security companies have led to a negotiated agreement on a new social package to structurally improve the terms and conditions of employment at the airport. The aim is to attract more security staff and thus contribute to more comfort and shorter queues for passengers. 

This social package ensures higher wages, better rosters and improved rest areas for security staff at Schiphol. As of November, security officers at Schiphol will receive an additional 2.50 euros per hour, on top of the gross salary determined in the collective labour agreement (CLA). Together, the wages for security guards at Schiphol could rise by about 40%. Schiphol is pleased about this wage increase that will help make working at Schiphol more attractive to security employees. In combination with better rosters and rest areas, this is an important measure in solving the shortage of security officers at the airport. 

Package of social measures 
The security-specific supplement of 2.50 euros per hour is in addition to the Schiphol supplement of 1.40 euros per hour that applies until 1 September 2023. As of 1 January, wages will also increase based on the inflation agreement that applies to the Private Security CLA. Furthermore, there will be an extra supplement of 35% for security company employees who start their shift between 00:00 and 05:30. This supplement applies to all hours worked until 06:00. Schiphol is advocating that the additional supplements that have been agreed upon be laid down in the Private Security CLA.










Better rosters and rest areas 
Besides the wages, the rosters and rest areas for security staff are also being improved. These were two key issues that arose during discussions with security employees. Starting 2 January 2023, the number of times per day at which a security officer's shift can start will decrease considerably to a maximum of ten per day. Rosters will therefore be more predictable and more transparent, which will lead to a better work-life balance. The rest areas issue is already being tackled with the participation of employees. Schiphol has freed up a lot more budget for this. Work is well underway, and the first improved rest areas are already finished. 

Schiphol COO Hanne Buis: "Over the past few months, we've had constructive talks with the security staff, and we have listened to them carefully. It became clear to us that it was very important to them that we tackle the issues of rosters and rest areas. Our top priority was to improve both their wages and their working conditions in order to make Schiphol a better workplace. This total package of higher wages, better rosters and improved rest areas will make Schiphol a more attractive place to work for security officers. For us, the structural improvement of the terms and conditions of employment is directly related to the structural improvement of the quality of Schiphol as a whole, for both travellers and airlines." 

Recruiting more security staff 
The security sector will continue to pursue the current campaign ‘wat voor beveiliger ben jij?' ('what kind of security officer are you?') intensively. Schiphol is taking part in the campaign and collaborating on it.