How can I find my way around Schiphol?


Schiphol is actually a small city. It’s a place where everyone is welcome, but where no one lives. Our city’s recognisable yellow signs make it easy for you to find your way to the departure hall or the gate. The route fits perfectly in your pocket – and you can get a lot more in there too with one, two or three apps: the Schiphol app, Google Maps and Apple Maps.

Schiphol App
Need to get your bearings? As soon as you open the map in the Schiphol app, you can see exactly where you are and what facilities are closest to you. Looking for the nearest toilet? Fancy a sandwich? Whatever you’re looking for, just type it into the search bar and let us help you get where you need to go. If you’re trying to find your gate, we can point you in the right direction! Knowing which floor you’re on in the terminal will help you get your bearings. Schiphol Plaza and the arrival hall are on the ground floor, while the first floor houses the departure hall and a wide range of shops and restaurants.

Google Maps and Apple Maps
Google Maps and Apple Maps can also help you find your way around our little city. The blue dot lets you know exactly where you are at Schiphol and how to get to where you want to be.

If you’ve got time to kill before your flight, a single tap on your phone will bring up opening times, photographs, information and reviews of our many shops and restaurants. This way, you can quickly find your favourite coffee place and check if you have enough time to walk there before you need to board.

All that, right there in your jeans pocket. Or in your hand. Anyway, never far away! Get your journey off to a flying start with your favourite app.