Job seekers welcome at new Schiphol Job Fair on 9 March

After the success of previous editions Royal Schiphol Group, Schiphol Aviation Community (LCS), employers’ organisation Werkgevers Servicepunt Groot-Amsterdam (WSP) and Regionaal Werkcentrum (RWC) Groot-Amsterdam have organised another job fair at Schiphol. Job seekers are welcome at the Sheraton Hotel Amsterdam Airport between 10:00 and 15:00 on Saturday 9 March.

At the job fair around 50 companies will be demonstrating what makes working at Schiphol so interesting. Potential candidates can talk to employers about the vacancies at the airport. Some companies even have contracts ready to be signed! 

Jobs for all
The job fair is aimed at anyone looking for employment. There are full-time vacancies, but also various kinds of part-time positions. Everyone who is willing and able to work at Schiphol is welcome, including people with a disadvantage on the labour market.

Whether you are a security guard, ground steward or maintenance technician, everyone at Schiphol does meaningful and varied work. Every day, thousands of colleagues work hard to offer travellers a pleasant experience. We would like to welcome you to the job fair to show you what a fantastic workplace Schiphol can be for you.

Esmé Valk, Executive Director Human Resources at Royal Schiphol Group

Mostly operational vacancies 
Demand at the airport is especially high for operational employees in flight and ground handling, logistics, facility services, security, mechanics, cleaning, catering and retail. This includes positions like:

  • Catering employee 
  • Airport security officer 
  • Warehouse employee 
  • Logistics employee 
  • Maintenance technician 
  • Baggage staff 
  • Apron staff 
  • (Ground) stewards 
  • Cleaning employee 
  • Sales representative 
  • Bus driver

Schiphol, LCS , WSP and RWC want to demonstrate how great it is to work in aviation and how varied the positions at the airport are. Visitors can even get a taste of what the work is like at some of the employers at the job fair. 

Those interested in attending the job fair can sign up via this link. To ensure there is enough time for everyone, there are four time slots between 10:00 and 15:00. 

Location and directions 
The job fair is taking place in the Sheraton Amsterdam Airport Hotel, directly opposite Schiphol Plaza.