Kaagbaan Runway out of use for over nine weeks due to large-scale renewal


From 19 February to 25 April 2024, the Kaagbaan Runway at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be closed for major maintenance and replacement work. While the work is underway, the runway will not be open to air traffic. More aircraft will therefore be making use of the routes to and from other runways: Zwanenburgbaan, Aalsmeerbaan and Buitenveldertbaan, meaning that there will be more aircraft noise than usual in those areas.

Every year, we conduct major maintenance on one of our runways. By doing so, we keep them in a good condition for safe use. This time it’s Kaagbaan Runway’s turn, an extensive project in which we will have to conduct a lot of replacement work and will tackle as many peripheral projects as possible at the same time. We understand that major maintenance on one of the most used runways has the potential to cause additional nuisance to our neighbours. For this reason, we will be doing our utmost to schedule the work as efficiently as possible and complete it as quickly as we can. We will be doing everything we can, including working at night when possible.

Sybren Hahn, Executive Director Schiphol Infrastructure

Major maintenance is necessary in order to carry out large-scale works that cannot be performed as part of smaller annual maintenance. The maintenance on the Kaagbaan Runway will include the most intensively used parts of the runway. In total, 86,800 m2 of new asphalt paving will be laid on the runway and taxiways, including the Touch Down Zone (the part of the runway where aircraft first make contact with the runway), other heavily used sections of the runway (such as access points from the taxiways) and the service roads. Asphalt removed in the process will be reused to the extent possible. The concrete at the top of Runway 06-24 will also be replaced, as will over 2000 LED light fittings of the airfield lighting system. In addition, there will be work on the runway substation (electrical), 1500 metres of rainwater drainage pipes, improved drainage for the surrounding grass areas and projects in the periphery of the Kaagbaan Runway, such as the installation of 160 kilometres of electrical cables for the further electrification of the airport. The work will be carried out in partnership with Heijmans. Every day, there will be approximately 100 people working on the runway.

Use of other runways  
The Kaagbaan Runway is mainly used in a south-westerly direction by taking-off aircraft or in a north-eastern direction by landing aircraft. During the maintenance work, air traffic will be making more use of the Zwanenburgbaan, Aalsmeerbaan and Buitenveldertbaan, depending on the weather conditions. As a result, more aircraft will be following the flight paths to and from those runways. People who live in the Schiphol area may notice this in the weeks ahead. This page contains more information about the impact of the maintenance and this page explains which areas are crossed by the different flight routes. 

Contact with local residents  
Schiphol is using various channels to keep local residents updated on the maintenance work and will keep them closely informed about all aspects of the work, including the impact on air traffic and the local area. Keep an eye on schiphol.nl/kaagbaan and the newsletter for local residents

For more information or questions about air traffic and runway use during this period of works, Schiphol's neighbours can get in touch with the Local Community Contact Centre (BAS). The BAS website provides an overview of current runway use and operational details, and they are the point of contact for information and complaints about air traffic to, from and at Schiphol. BAS can be reached 7 days per week (09:00-17:00) on 020-6015555, or via their website.