Making Schiphol digitally safe

Cybersecurity extends beyond the borders of organisations, chains, networks and countries. Many partners at Schiphol depend on each other, either directly or indirectly. Considering the great extent of this dependence and the increase in digital threats, cooperation is becoming ever more vital.

The www.cyssec.nl website offers organisations at Schiphol concrete guidelines to improve cybersecurity. By sharing knowledge and information and exchanging best practices, Schiphol aims to raise awareness amongst its partners regarding their mutual direct or indirect dependence.

In 2017, thanks to this unique public-private partnership, over 250 CYSSEC members from 85 different organisations actively cooperated in an effort to improve digital security at the airport. We joined forces this year so that we can take the next step in 2018, switching from awareness to action in an effort to further improve cybersecurity for and by the partners!

Together with the partners, Schiphol and NCTV look back on a year of cooperation in trying to make Schiphol digitally safe.