Making the most of your transfer


Do you have a long transfer at Schiphol? Some time to spare before your next flight departs? There’s no reason to ever get bored at Schiphol. Obviously, we don’t need to tell you that you can shop to your heart’s content or enjoy a delicious meal, snack or drink. But there’s also so much more to do.

Refresh yourself and feel good

After flying for several hours, you don’t always feel as fresh and rested as you’d like. With another flight ahead, it’s good to have an opportunity to freshen up or take a quick powernap. The good news is that there are several places where you can take a refreshing shower. And at Mercure Hotel or YOTELAIR, you can use your ticket and proof of ID to check-in on the day you land or depart and catch up on your sleep in a lovely bed. Both hotels are open 24/7 and are located past security, meaning there’s no extra travel time involved.

Enjoy some art and culture

Still have energy left over? Why not seek out some art and culture on the Holland Boulevard? Pay a visit to the Rijksmuseum pavilion and gaze in wonder at the regularly-changing collection of 17th-century Dutch paintings.

Looking for a souvenir to adorn your wall at home? You can find what you want in the Museumshop. It’s full of unique products inspired by artworks by Dutch Masters such as Van Gogh and Vermeer, as well as designs by a new generation of Dutch painters.

If you’re travelling with children, you simply cannot miss out on a visit to NEMO. There are interactive science and technology experiments that are fun for visitors of all ages. You can even make sound waves visible, tame electricity or mix your face with someone else’s. In the meantime, the little ones can have fun in the playground.

Take it easy

Perhaps you’d prefer to take it easy? Then why not take advantage of your transfer to recharge? Enjoy a great five-minute shiatsu massage in the Massage-O-Matic or a longer deep-tissue massage at XpresSpa. You can also visit our Meditation centre. Whether for prayer, mediation or simply to relax: the Meditation centre is open to all religions and beliefs.

In our Airport Library, you’ll find more than just books – there are also iPads and touchscreens, where the pictures tell the story. The library has some great seating and cosy couches where you can enjoy a great book or simply relax.

Practical tips for your transfer
As you can see, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. That’s why it makes sense to arrange the details of your transfer in advance. With our practical tips for a smooth transfer at Schiphol, that could not be easier.