More space and comfort in Departure Hall 1

The redevelopment of Departures 1 at Schiphol is great news for travellers! The departure hall has been extended, giving you more space at security, check-in and in the waiting areas. As well as more space, you’ll also save on time thanks to a new stairway/escalator and lift going straight from the entrance of the hall to the security area. To top it all off, your liquids and electronics can stay in your bag while you go through the security check. At Departures 1, your journey will get off to the smoothest possible start.

A lot of people worked hard on this project to create more space in Departure Hall 1. The façade was extended by four metres, a new stairway/escalator and lift was constructed, and a new mezzanine floor was created to accommodate the new security filter consisting of 21 security lanes. This mezzanine has a total floor area of 5000 m². That’s about the same size as a whole football pitch! All this extra room and an improved layout means a more comfortable environment for travellers, visitors and staff.

More and more people are choosing to travel with hand baggage only. If you are one of them, you’ll be happy to know that there is a new, faster route from the entrance of Departures 1 to security. You can go straight there (provided your airline does not require you to pass by the check-in desk to show specific documents first – always check with them beforehand) using the new stairway/escalator or lift. Even travellers with check-in baggage can enjoy a faster process using the self-service drop off counters. You can print baggage labels and send your suitcase to the baggage area yourself. Everyone’s journey through Departures 1 has become more efficient!

Smooth start
The security lanes have been equipped with state-of-the-art CT scans. You can now sail through security as you no longer need to remove liquids and electronics from your bags. The CT scans are also a step forward in terms of safety and they allow security staff to work more efficiently. What’s more, the 21 security lanes in Departures 1 are now connected to the 14 security lanes in Departures 2 via a walkway. If it’s very busy at one location, you’ll easily be able to use the other. All this helps to make your journey as hassle-free as possible.

The new Departure Hall 1 is an example of how Schiphol is continuously making improvements and preparing for the future. And we’re not stopping here. The next phase of this huge project is the redevelopment of Lounge 1, which will be ready in 2025. Watch this space!