New location close to terminal for travellers using taxi apps


Travellers going to and from Schiphol using taxi apps like Uber or Bolt can now be picked up from a new location close to the terminal. This new location at Koepelstraat is just a five-minute walk from Schiphol Plaza and easily reachable thanks to this new passageway that Schiphol has made. Airline crew members can also use this location to be dropped off or picked up.

Travellers can easily find the new location, also known as the arrival passage, by following the signs from Arrivals. The arrival passage is also well signposted for drivers of taxis and buses. The location can only be accessed by drivers with a valid vehicle pass. Travellers wishing to be dropped off or picked up by friends or family can continue to use the Kiss & Ride or P1. After the summer, coaches are also going to be transferred to Koepelstraat.

Over the coming months, Schiphol is going to be improving the facilities at the new arrival passage. This includes the completion of the toilet building, a roof and street furniture.

Hub for various traffic flows 
By building this new arrival passage, Schiphol has created space near Jan Dellaertplein, enabling the renovation of the bus station. Both the creation of the arrival passage and the renovation of the bus station are part of the MHS (Multimodal Hub Schiphol) project. With this project, Schiphol is working on an improved train and bus station at the airport. The current public transport hub was built in the 90s. Over the years, the number of public transport users has increased significantly. Adjustments are therefore needed to create sufficient capacity for all travellers. Read more about the MHS project here