New outfits for Schiphol employees


Some 7,500 employees at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol will be given new outfits. From next week onwards almost everyone will be wearing the airport’s new uniform, from security staff and floor managers to passenger assistants and baggage handlers. The uniforms will make them clearly visible and recognisable to passengers.

Schiphol aims to become the world’s most sustainable airport. The new uniform has therefore been designed and produced as sustainably as possible, with a focus on developing circularity. Schiphol has created a separate line of clothing for each post, in line with the wishes of the wearers, as each post requires different comfort levels. Despite the differences between lines, the uniform still has a consistent look and feel, as it is based on the characteristics of Schiphol’s corporate identity. Moreover, the Schiphol logo on the back of all the outerwear makes employees easily recognisable to passengers.

The new uniform radiates hospitality, accessibility and – where necessary – authority. The uniform was developed in close cooperation with employees in order to best suit their needs. We consider it important for our colleagues to feel comfortable in their uniform. We will start wearing our new outfits soon, when we’ll welcome our passengers back to the airport to help them safely on their way, to offer hospitality and above all to wish them a good journey.
Heleen Kuijten-Koenen, Director of Human Resources at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

Design and manufacture
The new uniform was created by designer Karin Slegers, who also designed lines of clothing for organisations such as AmbulanceZorg Nederland. For the Schiphol uniform, she designed a concept that is recognisable, contemporary, sporty, casual, functional and sustainable.

My designs are always characterised by functionality and symbolism. I’m extremely proud of the collection that I’ve created for Schiphol’s employees. The most important thing is for people to be able to work comfortably. During the process, I also focused on functionality and a positive image, which will reflect back on passengers. I wish all employees plenty of positive energy and lots of working hours in their new uniforms.
Karin Slegers, designer of the new uniform

The new Schiphol uniform is supplied by chain director Wiltec, the clothing for security staff by Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding. Both suppliers are separately responsible for the entire process, from manufacture to delivery of the clothing.

Sustainable production
The sustainability aspect is especially evident from the fact that the garments are of a sufficiently high quality to guarantee a long service life. When clothing needs to be replaced, it is recycled. The focus on the further development of circular clothing also plays an important role. Together with Wiltec and Groenendijk Bedrijfskleding, Schiphol will be investing in the circularity of the clothing for the duration of the partnership and throughout further development to make the most of the service life and use of the clothing. In addition, the clothing is manufactured as sustainably as possible, for example by using fabrics such as lyocell (made with fibres from tree bark) and recycled polyester.