Panorama Terrace accessible again


Good news for fans of the Panorama Terrace. The new route to the terrace will open today, so they can once again pay it a visit.

From today, the panorama terrace will be accessible via the escalator, stairs and lift at arrivals hall 1 (near Café Rembrandt), or via the escalator, stairs and lift at departure hall 1 (near check-in desk row 1). Once visitors have arrived at the second floor, they will be lead to the Panorama Terrace. From now on, this is the way to get to the Terrace, as the old route will not reopen.

The Panorama Terrace itself has not been remodelled, just the route has been changed. Changing the route to the Panorama Terrace was necessary in connection with the work activities for the renewal of Departure and Lounge 1. Schiphol is not only building a new mezzanine floor in the departure hall for this renewal, it is also replacing a number of areas such as stairs and escalators are being refurbished or replaced.