Passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol raise €250,000 for a strong, healthy Africa

Generous passengers and Schiphol workers raised at least €250,000 in 2018 to improve health in Africa. This amount will enable Amref Flying Doctors to train 1,100 local health care providers in Africa, thereby ensuring the provision of good-quality health care to 550,000 people.

Since January 2017, Royal Schiphol Group and Amref Flying Doctors have been working together to raise money for a strong, healthy Africa. One of the ways in which they have been doing so is by placing collection points in the terminal buildings. Furthermore, Schiphol workers have been raising money in a variety of ways, including through a cycling team that raised €68,155 by participating in the Africa Classic.

Visible presence at Schiphol

In addition to fund-raising, Schiphol has been supporting Amref Flying Doctors by granting it a visible presence at the airport by offering up free advertising space normally occupied by paid adverts.

'It's great that thanks to the support from Royal Schiphol Group and passengers over the past couple of years, we've been able to provide medical training to over 2,000 people,' says Stijn Wopereis, member of the Amref Flying Doctors Management Team. 'This really lets us make a difference, and we're proud of the fact that we're working with Schiphol on nurturing a strong, healthy Africa.'


Amref Flying Doctors and Royal Schiphol Group share a clear link through their aviation activities. Royal Schiphol Group connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world and connects people with each other. As an African healthcare organisation, Amref Flying Doctors connects medical staff with Africa's most remote, inhospitable regions, including through its medical flights. The aim of the partnership is to provide around 4,000 people in Africa with medical training, giving around 2 million people access to healthcare as a result. The amount raised by Schiphol to date has already made it possible to train in excess of 2,000 local health care providers.