Renovated Holland Boulevard reflects Dutch culture


Today Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opens its renovated Holland Boulevard. The public area between Departure Lounges 2 and 3 has been developed to meet the needs of passengers wishing to step out of the travel process for a while. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has designed an area where there is much to experience in the field of art and culture and where travellers can relax.

For passengers in transit, who do not have the time to leave the airport, Holland Boulevard offers respite. They can explore Dutch art and culture in peace and quiet, whatever time they land at Schiphol and take off again, because Holland Boulevard is open 24 hours a day. And maybe they will be inspired to pay a proper visit to the Netherlands next time.

We have renovated Holland Boulevard to enhance the comfort and travelling pleasure for our passengers. I am proud that Amsterdam Airport Schiphol can offer this experience.
Tanja Dik, Director of Consumer Products & Services at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol
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Photography: Thijs Wolzak

Clarity and comfort
The transparent design gives the whole offer a clear layout for the traveller. Large areas of glass and low walls create a fresh, open feel. Passengers can spend time with friends and family, enjoy a spa treatment and work or shop in comfort in this area. A traveller wanting to read can visit the new Airport Library, with around 500 books by well-known Dutch authors, translated into more than 40 languages as a literary calling card for foreign travellers. In addition to its books, the Airport Library has touchscreens showing the best of Dutch culture.

Rijksmuseum Schiphol
The renovated Rijksmuseum annex gives the traveller the perfect place to step out of the travel process. The exhibition is an introduction to 17th-century Dutch painting. It is a varied overview, with portrait, still life, landscape and seascape as genres. The selection consists of a Delft Blue tiled tableau and ten paintings representing typical Dutch narrative themes from the Golden Age, such as flat lowlands, water and sea, floral magnificence and wealthy citizens.

A number of themes can be found on Holland Boulevard. The colourful seating areas and the art work by Samira Boon, 10,800 Horizons, for example, are references to the polder landscape, along with the floral magnificence of the House of Tulips shop. The NEMO Science Museum challenges everyone, young and old, to discover how fascinating and relevant science and technology are. The NEMO area also features two gigantic cuddly toys, designed by artist Florentijn Hofman, which make the area even more attractive for young and old.

Holland Boulevard is a place for you to stretch your legs after a flight, to go wandering amongst the Dutch masters, to curl up with a good book on a comfortable settee, to enjoy a fellow passenger’s piano playing or to enjoy attractive shops and restaurants,
says Tanja Dik

About Holland Boulevard
The Holland Boulevard is located behind the security check in the part of the intercontinental travellers. It has been designed by NEXT Architects. See below for a list of the shops, services and Food & Beverage outlets on and adjacent to Holland Boulevard:

Shops: Rituals, Museum Shop, Swatch, House of TulipsServices: Airport Library, Rijksmuseum, NEMO Science Museum, Privium Airside Lounge, KLM Transfer Desk, Internet CentreFood & Beverage outlets: Tastes from the Lowlands, Dutch Kitchen & Bar and Kebaya Asian restaurant.