Renovated shops open their doors in Lounge 1 at Schiphol


Travellers at Schiphol can now shop at four renovated retail outlets in Lounge 1 at the airport. We love Amsterdam, Finefoods, Let's Play and Electronics have all recently opened their doors. Schiphol is working hard on the redevelopment of Lounge 1. The lounge is being enlarged, walkways adjusted and the range of services, including catering and retail outlets, expanded.

Capi: Electronics 
Airport retailer Capi has opened the doors of its largest shop at the airport. Travellers can shop here for consumer electronics, travel accessories, personal grooming products and gadgets. Enjoyment, interaction and convenience characterise this renovated shop. Capi's new retail concept is traveller-centred and in line with the overall redevelopment of Lounge 1. 

World of Delights: Finefoods, We love Amsterdam and Let's Play 
Retailer World of Delights has opened the stores Finefoods, We love Amsterdam and Let's Play. From delicacies and tasty snacks to cool Dutch souvenirs and the latest toys: travellers can shop to their heart's content here. These shops are an updated version of existing concepts in Lounge 2 and 3. 

Redevelopment Lounge 1 
During the redevelopment of Lounge 1, the airport is striving to reuse as much material as possible. In doing so, the project contributes to Schiphol's goal of being a fully waste-free airport in 2030. At the heart of the new design are travellers and sustainability. The lounge is being divided into three areas, each with its own look and feel thanks to the use of shape, colour and materials. This will allow travellers to orient themselves easily, and the travel experience will be more comfortable and carefree. Lounge 1 will remain accessible to travellers at all times throughout the redevelopment as the works are, whenever possible, taking place at night. 

A look ahead at the redevelopment 
Schiphol will soon start extending the Food Court. Over the coming weeks, travellers will be seeing a new steel construction. On the site of het Paleis, the All Day Café is now under construction. It's an area with a lot of seating and clear views of the aircraft – a great place to relax, where travellers can wait for their flight while enjoying a bite to eat and something to drink. In mid-summer, the walkways will be adjusted, and passengers led through the lounge in a new way, with arriving and departing passengers no longer crossing paths. This will create more comfortable travel experience.