Robert Carsouw appointed as Chief Financial Officer (CFO) Royal Schiphol Group

The Supervisory Board has appointed Robert Carsouw as Royal Schiphol Group’s Chief Financial Officer (CFO) as of 1 April. This means he will be part of Schiphol Group’s Management Board and will succeed Jabine van der Meijs, who is stepping down after one term as CFO. He will be responsible for Royal Schiphol Group’s financial strategy, procurement, risk management and international holdings.

Over the past few years, Robert has worked as senior partner at McKinsey in the Netherlands. He has a wide range of experience with projects in the (semi-) public sector, primarily involving government holdings (including in the aviation sector).

Louise Gunning, Chair of Royal Schiphol Group’s Supervisory Board: “I am very pleased that the Supervisory Board had the opportunity to nominate Robert for the important position of CFO. Robert’s many years of experience and knowledge of strategic financial projects make him the ideal person for this job.”

Dick Benschop, President & CEO of Royal Schiphol Group: “Robert is an asset to us as CFO and member of our Management Board in these extraordinary times for Schiphol and for aviation. He has proven himself as a driving force for improvement and renewal. I expect that, with his experience, he will be able to successfully manage Schiphol’s financial organisation.”

Robert is looking forward to taking on his role as CFO at Royal Schiphol Group: “At Schiphol Group, I will be able to put my experience to use in a business and sector that I know well. There are significant challenges and I look forward to making my contribution.”

As of 1 April, Royal Schiphol Group’s Management Board will be made up of Dick Benschop (CEO), Hanne Buis (CPAO), Robert Carsouw (CFO) and Birgit Otto (COO). This means that the male to female ratio in the Management Board will be 50/50.

Robert Carsouw