Royal Schiphol Group latest member of Mobility Alliance

Royal Schiphol Group has joined the Mobility Alliance, a collaboration set up to sustain mobility in the Netherlands. Together with the other 25 parties involved, Schiphol is committed to working on the accessibility, business climate and business model of the Netherlands. 

Schiphol is a multimodal hub where almost all modes of transport meet, from bicycles to planes. We want the hub to develop further in a smart and sustainable way, for the sake of the Netherlands' accessibility, business climate and business model. We're pleased to be able to work on that together with the other members of the Mobility Alliance.
Dick Benschop, CEO of Schiphol

New dimension 
The entry of Schiphol gives the Mobility Alliance a new dimension, with air transport now represented as well. 

Steven van Eijck, Mobility Alliance chairman: "It's fantastic that we can welcome Schiphol to the Mobility Alliance. Schiphol is one of the largest and most important players in mobility, and inextricably linked to the current and future setup of our mobility system. Schiphol not only connects our country with the rest of the world, but access by land is also crucial to the tens of thousands of employees and millions of travellers that the airport receives every year."