Schiphol and Amref Flying Doctors are training 4,250 health care providers and are extending their successful cooperation

In 2019, generous Schiphol passengers, Royal Schiphol Group staff and employees from organisations at the airport raised an impressive €385,000 to help realise a healthy and strong Africa.

With the money raised in the last three years, Amref Flying Doctors will be able to train around 4,250 local health care providers in Africa, which will provide access to proper health care for some two million people. One way in which Schiphol employees and partners raised money was by taking part in the exclusive Africa Classic Schiphol Edition – a mountain bike ride through Tanzania where participants visited various Amref projects along the way. Furthermore, we also raised money through the coin donation boxes at the airport.

We are incredibly proud of this wonderful partnership. By joining forces, we can expand our impact in Africa. Our goal is for everyone in Africa to have access to proper and affordable healthcare. As such, I am very excited to continue working with Royal Schiphol Group. Together, we are that much closer to realising a healthy and strong Africa.
Patricia Vermeulen, Amref Flying Doctors CEO


Royal Schiphol Group and Amref Flying Doctors have been partners since 2017 – originally entering into the partnership for a duration of three years. In those three years, Schiphol and Amref Flying Doctors raised money and increased awareness for the healthcare situation in Africa. Besides helping to raise funds, Schiphol also supports Amref Flying Doctors by offering up free advertising space normally occupied by paid adverts in order to increase visibility.

Now, the partnership has been extended by two more years. Amref Flying Doctors and Royal Schiphol Group share a clear connection with the aviation sector. Just like Schiphol, Amref is committed to connections, innovation and sustainability. Royal Schiphol Group connects the Netherlands with the rest of the world and people with each other. As the largest African healthcare organisation, Amref Flying Doctors connects medical staff with Africa's most remote regions, such as through its medical flights.