Schiphol Group 2013 Annual Results

Schiphol constructs, converts, connects

• Net revenue up by 2.2% to 1,382 million euros (2012: 1,353 million euros);

• EBITDA up by 9.8% to 587 million euros (2012: 534 million euros);

• Operating result up by 8.2% to 321 million euros (2012: 296 million euros);

• Net result of 227 million euros (2012: 199 million euros), an increase of 14.5% which is in mainly due to results from real estate valuations and a lower effective tax rate.

Key developments

• Passenger volumes at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol increased by 3.0% to 52.6 million travellers. The number of air transport movements showed a slight increase of 0.5% to a total of 425,565. Cargo volume showed a rise of 3.2% to 1,531 thousand tonnes, with market conditions remaining challenging for air cargo carriers. Travellers and cargo can now fly from Schiphol to 323 direct destinations.

• Average retail spending per departing passenger in the shops after passport control fell by 4.8% to 15.89 euros, mainly due to lower consumer confidence. Despite this decrease, total revenue from concessions rose.

• Due to the completion of several new buildings and redevelopment of existing buildings, the occupancy rate of real estate dropped to 86.3% (2012: 91.8%).

• The result from property sales and real estate valuations in 2013 is 14 million euros negative compared with 44 million euros negative in 2012.

• Income from interests in domestic and foreign airports made a substantial contribution to the result, with the share in results of associates going up from 45 million euros in 2012 to 51 million euros in 2013, primarily due to better results posted by Brisbane Airport.

• Depreciation increased by 33 million euros due to full commissioning of the 70MB baggage systems and accelerated depreciation in connection with renovations for central security; operating expenses excluding depreciation were more or less flat compared with 2012.

• In 2013 Schiphol initiated the implementation of the Master Plan. The further expansion and strengthening of Mainport Schiphol in the years to come will require extensive reconstruction and renewal of ourfacilities. This will increase capacity, enabling us to offer travellers and airlines more comfort through more spacious terminals and piers, and smoother processes.

Response from Jos Nijhuis, Schiphol Group President & CEO

“Schiphol Group is looking back on a successful year. Together with our business partners we laid the foundations, quite literally too, for the further growth and strengthening of Mainport Schiphol. There is now a widely supported vision on the investments necessary to improve the quality of our facilities and infrastructural capacity. A large-scale renovation and renewal project has been launched which involves an investment of approximately 1.5 million euros per day over the next few years. This will result in increased comfort and convenience for travellers, more efficient processes for airlines and a stronger competitive position for the airport. Mainport Schiphol will remain a unique and vital factor for the Dutch economy and for employment in the Netherlands, based on the constructive collaboration between all the various parties that make Schiphol possible."