Schiphol in the Bos Atlas of Security


Yesterdat The Bos Atlas of Security (Bosatlas van de veiligheid) went on sale. A copy of the book was presented to State Secretary for Infrastructure and Water Management Stientje Veldhoven. Across 10 chapters, the atlas shows the essence of everything at stake in the Netherlands related to security. Maps, infographics and magnificent aerial photographs deal with such themes as personal security, water safety, cybercrime and international terrorism. The Bos Atlas of Security also contains an infographic about security at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.

The infographic provides information about how Schiphol ensures security at the airport. It includes such matters as the procedures for winter precipitation and the work of the Bird Controller in the illustration.




The Bos Atlas of Security naturally includes Schiphol, as security is Schiphol’s number-one priority. Together with all our partners, we work around the clock to provide our passengers with a safe and carefree flight. I am happy Schiphol is represented in the atlas with a good overview of the main security facts.
Wilma van Dijk, director of Safety, Security & Environment

Broad overview of security
The Bos Atlas of Security deals with the protection of people against such dangers as violence, accidents, disasters and incidents. These can include accidents in and around the home, bullying at school, traffic accidents, environmental pollution, food poisoning, minor and major crime, infectious diseases and contamination, and war. The atlas also looks at issues such as contemporary religious terrorism and the rise of cybercrime.

The Bos Atlas of Security is intended for a wide audience and is available in bookshops. In addition, in the spring of 2018 a number of government agencies and private businesses will offer a set of atlases along with a teaching method to all secondary schools and to all vocational education institutions that offer Security Studies in the Netherlands.

De Bosatlas van de veiligheid (The Bos Atlas of Security)
Available from 30 November, retail price €29.95