​This week Amsterdam Airport Schiphol opened a new aircraft apron at Schiphol-East: Apron M. Aircraft which are temporarily grounded can park on this new apron. With this addition, Schiphol increases its parking capacity for small and large aircraft.


Capacity expansion
The new apron can accommodate seven narrow-body aircraft. Narrow-body aircraft are aircraft with one aisle and two rows of seats of either two or three seats per row. Larger aircraft can park on the new apron as well: there is space for three wide-body aircraft and one narrow-body aircraft. On average, the aircraft are parked on the apron for 24 hours without passengers and baggage. With the new aircraft stands, we are creating more space for different types of aircraft and increasing the buffer capacity. The apron spans more than 20,000 m2, of which 15,000 m2 consists of concrete paving.

A sustainable apron
​Concrete slabs were used in the construction of the new aircraft apron. This is a sustainable solution compared to concrete paving, as the slabs can be reused in their current form. With a construction rate of 1,000 m2 of slabs per day, the apron was also completed faster than usual. There is a risk of subsidence when using concrete slabs, and to prevent this we used a smart roller-compactor with GPS for the foundation. This makes the apron sturdy and safe to use.

Interested to see how the construction of the new platform went? Have a look at the video below.


Schiphol increases capacity with new aircraft apron