Schiphol is redeveloping Lounge 1

Passenger-centred and sustainable design


Schiphol is giving Lounge 1, the waiting area after the security check for passengers travelling to Schengen destinations, an update. Now that the redevelopment of Departures 1 is complete, Lounge 1 will also undergo a transformation starting from the end of 2022. The quality of the lounge is set to improve considerably and the lounge will become more sustainable. Schiphol is extending the lounge, making adjustments to walkways and expanding the range of facilities like catering establishments and shops. 

The redevelopment of Lounge 1 will see a surface area of 24,000 metres squared being given a new, clearer layout that will enable travellers to find their way more easily. There will also be around 5,000 square metres of additional space, which will be used by travellers and for new catering and retail establishments - 23 new concepts located around the lounge's two central plazas. On the top floor of Lounge 1 (the food court), the number of food and drink establishments will also be increased.   

Passenger-centred and sustainable design 
The new design is centred around the passenger and their experience. The lounge will be divided into three areas, each with its own look and feel, but which form a natural whole thanks to their colour, layout and materials.  The result will be that passengers can find their way with even more ease.  

There is also a focus on sustainability and circularity. During the redevelopment, more than 90% of the materials will be recycled and installations that consume a lot of energy will be replaced by more economical ones. Reused materials will be as sustainable as possible. The ceiling will be made from sustainable and recyclable aluminium and  if necessary recyclable ceiling panels. Floor tiles will be made from residual marble, granite and quartz materials, furniture upholstery from leather industry waste and wooden walls from sustainable bamboo. All of this helps Schiphol with its ambition to become a zero-waste airport by 2030. 

Redevelopment to happen in phases
Construction consortium SPIE en Equans (ESAP) are carrying out the redevelopment. Both companies have previously done construction works at the airport. Over the coming months, ESAP will be doing preparatory works and the redevelopment will start in 2023. Lounge 1 will remain accessible to travellers throughout the project. And hindrance to travellers will be kept to a minimum because some of the works will take place at night. Furthermore, the work is being divided into several consecutive phases, so that airlines, passengers and employees experience as little hindrance as possible. 

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