Schiphol opens Cosmetic Fish Spa at Holland Boulevard

The Cosmetic Fish Spa recently opened on Holland Boulevard. Here, passengers can enjoy a special foot treatment with Garra Rufa fish nibbling at their feet to ‘exfoliate’ them. The Cosmetic Fish Spa is located on Holland Boulevard between Piers E and F and is part of Back to Life, which has been established at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol since 1999.

Saskia van Amstel, Director of Back to Life, is enthusiastic about the new concept. ‘Back to Life is all about feeling good and building new energy. The Cosmetic Fish Spa is perfectly in line with this concept and the treatment is very enjoyable. Garra Rufa Nederland is the exclusive supplier of Garra Rufa fish from Kangal, Turkey. They always take great care to ensure the good health and quality of the fish.’ Otto Ambagtsheer, Director of Schiphol Group’s BA Consumers adds, ‘This special type of foot massage originated in Turkey and soon spread to many other countries. Foot treatment with these fish was also introduced at the airports of Singapore, Bangkok, Chiang Mai and Manchester. The Cosmetic Fish Spa is the latest addition to the range of products Back to Life offers to Dutch and international travellers.’

A treatment costs € 24.95 for 20 minutes (€ 29.95 for 25 minutes) per person and € 44.95 for 20 minutes (€ 49.95 for 25 minutes) for two people. Like Back to Life, the Cosmetic Fish Spa is open every day from 07:00 to 20:00.

Europe’s Preferred Airport

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol is keen to be and remain Europe’s Preferred Airport. This means that passengers consciously choose to travel via Schiphol. To achieve this objective, the airport is continually innovating its range of passenger facilities for all target groups, with the aim of ensuring passengers spend their time at the airport in an inspiring and pleasant manner. In addition to Back to Life and various food and beverage outlets, Holland Boulevard is one of the best places at the airport for travellers to enjoy Dutch art, culture and literature.