Welcome at... Schiphol VIP service


“It’s good to be back at work”, that’s the first thing Ingrid says when we talk to her. Ingrid is Guest Relations Officer for the VIP service. That means she handles all reservation requests and liaises with partners who, for example, take care of transport, cleaning and flowers in the VIP centre. The VIP service allows us to offer travellers the most exclusive travel experience at our airport.

Back to normal
It was quiet for a while at the VIP centre. “At the end of March we still welcomed some guests, but many bookings were cancelled after that. Since the end of May it has mainly been holiday travellers who are on the move”, says Ingrid. “It is still quiet, but we are already getting more phone calls and requests. So thankfully things are getting a bit back to normal”.

Space for service
At the end of last year, the VIP centre was completely revamped with a design by Marcel Wanders, and the number of private lounges significantly increased. The extra space is coming in handy; colleagues and guests can easily keep their distance. In addition, it’s nice that everyone can benefit from how beautiful it has become. Some creativity is required in other areas. “Our chef comes around twice a week to prepare fresh and delicious meals for our guests. He prepares everything in advance for the days he is absent, so that the food & beverage staff can finish the dishes. The food and drinks are served on a trolley from which guests can take something themselves. This way, we can still offer our guests the service they are used to, but within the rules”.

Safe transport
After staying in one of the exclusive VIP rooms, guests are brought to the plane in a luxury car. It’s usually not a problem to have a group of people together in one car, but up until the 1st of July, only family members could travel together. But a group can also be composed of business partners or of two families who are friends. We ask a few extra questions in advance in order to determine the composition of the group. And we ensure that there are several cars ready, if that’s what the guest wants.”

Extra opportunities
People are willing to travel again, but do still look for reassurance. “We regularly get questions from guests about the measures we take. And so we answer these questions and explain the current situation in the confirmation they receive after booking”. It is striking that new guests are signing up. “People who normally do not make use of the VIP service, but now come to us specifically for the peace and privacy they can experience here.” The VIP centre is certainly ready and all colleagues are looking forward to welcoming guests again!