Three tips for ‘flying smart’ from Schiphol this summer

The countdown has begun: the summer holiday is almost here! The entire country is gearing up to travel. By car, with the caravan or camper and on a plane: a great many people will be entering and leaving the country in the weeks ahead. Congestion is predicted, not only on the roads but in the air as well. Allow us to share a few helpful tips:

1. Check the anticipated passenger numbers on the day you travel

This summer, around 200,000 people will travel via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol each day. In other words, we expect lots of people on any given day but on some days, the crowds will be larger than on others. That's why we are providing this overview, which will give you a general idea of the passenger numbers (for departures and arrivals) on the days you’re planning to travel. These figures refer to entire days; at peak hours (or dips) it may be busier or less crowded than the daily average. For that reason, it is important to always arrive at Schiphol at the time your airline recommends. As a general rule, this means two hours before flights within Europe and three hours before intercontinental flights.

2. Travel light

Is it going to be busy, or very busy, on the day you travel? If so, you might want to consider travelling light this summer. That means: no trolley suitcase and no more than one small bag as hand baggage. In the coming weeks, we will begin a trial in which we will be directing passengers with little or no hand baggage through a separate waiting area the no trolley waiting area that leads to the security control. The advantage: during peak hours, you will be in a queue with only people who (like yourself) are carrying little or no hand baggage. Need to bring a trolley suitcase after all? Dont worry. The idea is that your queue will be shorter, too, because all the passengers with little or no hand baggage will be in a different queue. This is one way were trying to help travellers get to their aircraft even more quickly.

3. Come prepared

And to speed up the entire process: when packing your hand baggage at home, be sure to keep in mind which things you will need to remove from your bag when you arrive at Schiphol. Because being prepared is half the battle! Pack travel documents, liquids and electronics in such a way that you can reach them easily at all times. Especially if youre travelling with a trolley suitcase! That way, once you get to the security checkpoint, you wont have to hunt for them among your clothing and other travel items. All the tips and tricks for a smooth start to your journey can be found on our website: www.schiphol.nl/zomer.

Whatever it takes for a flying start

This summer, were focusing on a single goal: to help you have the best holiday possible. Because whichever way you look at it, your holiday begins here at Schiphol and you want to start out right. Which is why, together with our partners, were taking a few extra steps this summer. We have opened additional security lanes and are deploying an extra-large number of employees. There are more service representatives on the floor to address problems, along with airport Assistants that can help you with any questions you may have.

In short: were making every effort to ensure that your trip gets off to a flying start!