Traffic and transport figures for April 2018

In April of this year 6.0 million travellers flew from, to or via Schiphol. This is an increase of +3% compared with last year. The month saw the start of the May school holidays, which are always busy.

The number of air transport movements remained the same as last year. The average aircraft size, on the other hand, increased, with an average of 3 additional seats on board. In addition, the load factor increased by almost +0.7 to 86.8%. The overall passenger growth of +3.1% was driven by a significant increase in O&D passengers (+4.7%), while the number of transfer passengers increased slightly (+0.2%).


The trend for cargo flights to decrease continued in April, with a decrease of -13.6%. Due to the higher average load of full freighter flights, the reduction in transported volume was limited to -6.3%.

Passenger destinations
Over 4.2 million passengers travelled within Europe, an increase of +2.5%. The highest growth was achieved on routes to Poland (Gdansk and Katowice) and Finland (mainly Helsinki). Transport movements to Kiev (Ukraine) were halved, which resulted in a significant reduction in traffic volume on the route.

Intercontinental traffic grew by +4.6%, with traffic to and from India benefiting from the new connection to Bangalore and higher frequencies to Mumbai. In the Middle East, the already popular destination of Tel Aviv (Israel) was one of the strongest performers, and in the Far East, traffic to and from China increased by 7.7%, thanks to an increase in the use of larger aircraft on flights to Guangzhou, Shanghai and Xiamen.

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