Traffic and transport figures for August 2019

In August of this year, 6.8 million passengers flew from, to or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. While the number of seats per air transport movement grew by 2.0% compared with August last year, a decline in the load factor (by 1.1%) and in the number of air transport movements (by 1.3%) resulted in a fall in passenger numbers by 0.5%. The number of passengers who started or ended their journey at Schiphol decreased by 0.1%, while the number of transfer passengers decreased by 1.0% relative to the same month last year.


The decrease in the number of cargo movements continued in August, with 10.0% fewer full freighters using Schiphol in August 2019 than was the case in August last year. The drop in the average load factor for both cargo and passenger movements resulted in a 10.9% decline in volume.

Passenger destinations

August saw 4.8 million passengers travelling to and from European destinations (-0.3%). Austria and Italy are destinations that are soaring in popularity (13% and 7% growth, respectively). Other destinations on the Mediterranean Sea are having a harder time, with passenger numbers for France, Spain and Greece all falling year-on-year.

In August, Schiphol welcomed 2.0 million intercontinental passengers (-0.5%). Air traffic to Japan and the United Arab Emirates grew dramatically by 20% and 13%, respectively. Traffic to the United States grew by almost 6.8%, with the destinations of San Francisco and Boston experiencing the largest growth. The withdrawal of Jet Airways continues to more than halve the volume of traffic with India.

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