Traffic and transport figures for December 2018

5.3 million passengers travelled from, to or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol in December this year, representing an increase of +5.7% compared to December 2017. This increase partly stems from the turbulent weather during the same period last year, which led to cancellations. The number of passengers who started or ended their journey at Schiphol increased by +5.6% and the number of transfer passengers was up by +5.9%.

The total number of air transport movements increased by +4.5%. The average aircraft size increased by +0.4% compared to December 2017. The load factor remained virtually unchanged (+0.1%).


The number of cargo flights decreased by -11.4%. Thanks to an improved load factor, also for cargo on passenger flights, the overall volume of cargo transported decreased by -3.4% in December compared with the same period last year.

Passenger destinations

December saw nearly 3.6 million passengers travelling from and to European destinations (+6.0%). Valencia attracted over 20% more passengers than last December, as did Berlin.

Schiphol welcomed 1.7 million intercontinental passengers (+5.1%). +33% more passengers travelled to New York than in December 2017. Denpasar (Indonesia), Guangzhou (China) and Bangalore (India) also experienced an increase in passenger volume of over 30%.

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