Traffic and transport figures for February 2019

In February this year, some 4.8 million passengers travelled from, to or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, representing an increase of 2.0% compared to February 2018. The number of passengers who started or ended their journey at Schiphol increased by 4.1%, while the number of transfer passengers decreased by 1.2%. The aircraft arriving at Schiphol were larger on average (+1.7 seats extra), with a load factor nearly equal (−0.2%) to the same month last year.


The number of cargo flights decreased by 19.7% this month compared to February 2018. Since more cargo was transported on board passenger flights (+2.0%), the total volume of cargo decreased by 13.5%.

Passenger destinations

February saw 3.3 million passengers travelling to and from European destinations (+2.0%). There was a +4.5% rise in the number of passengers to various British destinations. The increase to Norwich was over 20%, and the passengers travelling to Exeter, Inverness, Humberside, Cardiff, Durham Tees Valley and Aberdeen also increased by more than 10 percentage points.

In February, Schiphol welcomed 1.5 million intercontinental passengers (+2.0%). The North African destinations of Marrakesh (+18%) and Cairo (+16%) saw a quick rise in popularity. Transatlantic destinations also welcomed more passengers: Calgary, Edmonton saw an increase of 34% and New York JFK of nearly 30%, while Los Angeles passenger numbers increased by 24% compared to February 2018.

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