Traffic and transport figures for January 2018

The first month of 2018 saw 4.9 million passengers travelling to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, representing an increase of 7.6% relative to last year. The total number of air transport movements rose by 4.1%. There was a slightly larger increase in the number of O&D passengers* (8.0%) than in the number of transfer passengers (7.2%).

In January the number of cargo flight numbers decreased with a 7.2% drop in full freighters relative to last year. Due to a higher average load factor, the decrease in cargo volume remained limited to 1.6%.


More than 3.3 million passengers travelled within Europe, an increase of 8.6%. Passenger movements to eastern Europe experienced the largest growth, with Slovenia, Bulgaria and Serbia the leading destinations. The already popular destinations of Poland, Finland and Turkey saw an increase in movements of 20% each.

Furthermore, there were 1.6 million intercontinental passengers this January, which was 5.8% more than in the same period last year.

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*O&D passengers starting (departure) or ending (arrival) their trip at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol.