Traffic and transport figures for September 2019

In September of this year, 6.5 million passengers travelled to, from or via Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. This is an increase of 1.4%, while the number of passenger flights showed a slight decline (-0.2%) compared to last year. Due to the increasing number of seats per aircraft (an average of more than +3 per aircraft), the number of passengers is still rising.


Cargo flights decreased by 89 (-6.6%) to 1256 in September. As the tonnage transported per flight increased slightly, the total transported volume decreased by 6%. A contraction in the air cargo sector is evident throughout the European cargo market, whereas growth is reported outside Europe.

Passenger destinations

September saw 4.6 million passengers travelling from and to European destinations (+1.9%). Poland and Austria are destinations that are rapidly gaining in popularity (each experienced over 20% growth). Traffic to and from Turkey is also growing (+7%). Passenger numbers to Spain fell slightly (-1.5%) compared to last year, while Italy rose (+4%).

In September, Schiphol welcomed 1.8 million intercontinental passengers (+0.6%). Traffic to the Emirates (Dubai and Doha) increased by almost 9%. The number of passengers to and from Israel also increased (+15%). Traffic to the US grew by more than 8%. This is partly due to the expansion of the network (Las Vegas and Tampa) and intensification of the range (New York JFK, Detroit, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Boston). The number of flights to and from Peru and Cuba is decreasing, as is the number of passengers to and from these countries (-46% Peru, -40% Cuba). The number of flights and passengers to Japan is increasing (+48%); both Tokyo and Osaka are being served more frequently.

Due to the loss of Jet Airways, transport to India has decreased (-62%). In addition, the loss of WOW air has caused a drop in passenger numbers to and from Iceland (-36%). Adria Airways also stopped flying to and from Slovenia at the end of September, which is why a dip (-10%) is now being reported here. This dip is expected to increase in the coming period, as Adria Airways traffic stopped at the end of the month.

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