Update: Wednesday July 5th cancellations and delays due to bad weather

 The latest weather forecast shows that very limited air traffic will be possible between 09:00 and 15:00 on Wednesday July 5th.  A combination of strong gusts of wind, rain and poor visibility are severely restricting airlines from landing and departing. This means there will be cancellations and delays. This applies to both arriving and departing flights.  

 How many flights are affected in total is unclear at the moment. It depends on the new planning of airlines and current weather conditions.  

 Schiphol strongly advises travellers to check current information via their airline, the Schiphol app and schiphol.nl before going to the airport. If their flight is cancelled or delayed, travellers can contact their airline.  

With the westerly winds as they are at Schiphol tomorrow morning, aircraft can normally start and land on the Oostbaan and Buitenveldert Runway. However, the combination of strong gusts of wind, rain and poor visibility means the Oostbaan is not an option due to safety concerns. The Buitenveldert Runway is under maintenance. Even if  the Buitenveldert Runway had been available, the vast majority of take-offs and landings could not have taken place due to the weather.  

Schiphol finds it extremely inconvenient for passengers and airlines that the combination of weather conditions and runway maintenance has these consequences for them.