Wilma van Dijk new Director Rotterdam The Hague Airport, Jan Eerkens Director Lelystad Airport

As of 1 September, Wilma van Dijk will be the new Director Rotterdam The Hague Airport (RTHA), which is part of Royal Schiphol Group. Wilma (56) is currently Director Lelystad Airport. She succeeds Ron Louwerse, who will be retiring on 1 January 2023 after having managed RTHA since 2016. This year, he will continue to be closely involved in the participation process for a new airport decree. 

Dick Benschop: “I am very pleased that Wilma is Ron’s successor. We are going to miss Ron, an Amsterdam native in Rotterdam, who has an impressive track record. Over the past few years, he has worked extremely hard to make RTHA and partners a testing ground for innovation and sustainability in aviation. With Wilma as successor, we have someone who can further develop RTHA’s unique position in the areas of sustainability and innovation. Her network and extensive Schiphol Group knowledge guarantee that. Another priority is to further shape the participation process regarding the future of the airport with support from the local community.” 

Wilma van Dijk: “I am looking forward to getting started at Rotterdam The Hague Airport. A wonderful airport, recently nicely renovated and an important part of the Dutch airport infrastructure. I am looking forward to working together with and getting to know the local residents. We are facing important discussions about the future. With TU Delft, the port of Rotterdam and all other activities in the field of energy and sustainable fuel just around the corner, we are in a fantastic place to make aviation more sustainable.” 

Jan Eerkens new Director Lelystad Airport 
Jan Eerkens will succeed Wilma as new Director Lelystad Airport. He has been senior Manager at Lelystad Airport since 2017 and has worked for Royal Schiphol Group since 2006, where he previously worked in the real estate branch. 

Dick Benschop: “I am very pleased that Jan will be succeeding Wilma. With the knowledge and experience that Jan has acquired, continuity in the leadership of Lelystad Airport on the way to the political decision regarding the opening is guaranteed.” 

Wilma van Dijk: “The airport already has the organisation and infrastructure to be able to welcome holidaymakers and commercial air traffic. I am handing over the baton to Jan and the Lelystad Airport team with confidence. I know Jan as very enthusiastic, knowledgeable and committed.” 

Jan Eerkens: “The next few years are important for Lelystad. The Cabinet will be making a decision about the opening. I am looking forward to making a contribution together with the region. I am also looking forward to working with and talking to local residents and all other stakeholders at the airport.”