Work at Schiphol platform launch and 15 years of Airport Community Schiphol


‘Working together for the future of the Schiphol labour market’ was the theme of the Airport Community Schiphol Event on 3 November. The 15th anniversary of Airport Community Schiphol (LCS) was also commemorated. Naomi Kok-Luís chaired the event, where speakers including Hanne Buis (COO, Royal Schiphol Group) and Edward Norg (Director Operations, Randstad Nederland) talked about their vision for the labour market at Schiphol. Furthermore, Hanne Buis launched the ‘Work at Schiphol’ platform.

Work at Schiphol is an online central platform where recruitment, advancement and mobility are the focal points of working and learning at Schiphol. All relevant information regarding vacancies, internships and aviation-related courses can be found there. There are currently only vacancies listed on the platform, but internship opportunities and information about training and courses will be added soon. The platform is aimed at job seekers wanting to start their careers and at people already in work who wish to continue their careers at Schiphol. Students looking for an internship or part-time work will also be able to find opportunities there in the future.

Francien David, director of Airport Community Schiphol: “We want to show what Schiphol has to offer in terms of work, personal development and growth. How important it is to have enough good people has been shown in recent times. There’s a wide range of companies with many different kinds of job opportunities at Schiphol. That makes Schiphol an interesting place to work. We are extremely proud of this platform launch – job seekers now have an overview of all vacancies here.”

An overview of various employers
The platform offers employers responsible for aviation-related processes at Schiphol a place to present themselves. The vacancies that are currently open are displayed per employer. On the Work at Schiphol platform, people looking for employment and who want to apply for a job are directed to the job sites of the different employers. There are currently around 14 employers on the platform, but that number is set to increase in the near future. Employers wishing to join the platform can apply by sending an email to luchtvaartcommunity@schiphol.nl. Click here to visit Work at Schiphol.

15 years of LCS
Airport Community Schiphol (LCS) was set up by Royal Schiphol Group and ROC Amsterdam-Flevoland in 2007. In 2012, KLM also joined and since then LCS has gradually grown into a community of more than 70 companies at Schiphol. LCS is a network of organisations connected to education and government that works towards sustainably strengthening the labour market at Schiphol. Taking labour market issues into consideration, LCS creates new and innovative programmes and projects in the fields of education, personal development, employability, recruitment and inclusion www.luchtvaartcommunityschiphol.nl.