The most read blogs of 2018


The end of the year is in sight. It was a year where you could read a lot on our blog about everything happening at and around Schiphol. Did you miss one of our blogs? Don't worry: just take a look at our top five most read blogs of 2018.

Number 5: Keys to the plane
You would normally insert your key in the ignition to start your car’s engine. The question is whether or not planes use the same sort of system – so let’s find out!
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Number 4: Come and take a peek at the new pier 
Our new pier can best be described as a pier and mini terminal in one. The gates in this new pier will be opened in late 2019. Construction will begin soon, following a year of drawing up designs with no fewer than 100 people! Come take a look at the largest pier Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has ever seen
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Number 3: Why do the window blinds have to be open for take-off and landing?
Do you prefer to have the window blind on a plane open, closed or halfway? That’s an easy question for cabin crew. They like to have the blinds open, especially for take-off and landing. In fact, the blinds have to be open during take-off and landing. And you’ll definitely hear about it if you leave them closed! The reason? 
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Number 2: The origin of 'Schiphol'
Schiphol: The origin of this unusual name is a mystery to many. Where did it come from? There are plenty of stories on this topic. Today we will finally provide an answer to this intriguing question. 
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And the most read blog at a well deserved first place is: What time do I need to arrive at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol?
There is one question that’s always on your mind the day before departure: what time do I need to arrive at Schiphol? This is a good moment to check your airline’s website for the most up-to-date flight times. Generally, you can check-in two hours before departure for European flight services and three hours before departure for intercontinental flight services. Why do you need to be at the airport so long before your flight? And why should you not arrive at the airport too early? 
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We hope you enjoyed reading our blog as much as we enjoyed writing them. Do you have a question or topic you would like to see answered here? Send us an e-mail (socialmedia@schiphol,nl) en we will do our very best to answer it in the new year.

We wish you a very happy newyear and see you soon in 2019!