We have done a lot of construction in 2018. Everything in order to give you and millions of travelers a warm and comfortable welcome in 2019. We have worked incredibly hard, together with our contractors, and would like to look back with you.


We are building on 2018 (literally)!

Starting 2019 with a bang
And now on to 2019! We are going to remodel the shopping area behind Departures 1. The design for which we will complete in 2019. We continue to work on the new pier and will start with the construction of the new terminal. We will also continue to work on the upgrade of Pier D, completion of the mezzanine in Departures 1 (without security filter for now), and clearing the area south of the airport. We will soon build a completely new taxiway there. As you can see, there is still plenty to do!

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